Developing leaders in sports with both a comprehensive understanding of scientific theory and practical skills in sports

Department of Sports Science

Course Description

Subject code Subject name Contents
SOA101 History of Korean Physical Education Students learn about the roots of physical education in Korea by studying the history of physical education in Korea, and cultivate insight and understanding for the future direction of physical education in Korea.
SOA102 Pilates Learning about the imbalance of the human body or the balance/center of gravity of the human body by acquiring theoretical knowledge and basic skills in used Pilates practices. In doing so, students also learn how to improve the movements of the human body with correct Pilates-inspired movements.
SOA103 Track and Field Learning the correct skills and body shapes for track and field events, and studying training methods to improve athletic performance.
SOA104 Judo Understanding the history of Judo and its development as a sport. Students also learn basic body shapes, techniques, and game rules of Judo.
SOA105 Taekwondo Learning the spirit, history, and development process of Taekwondo as a sport, and engaging in both physical and mental training through comprehensive technical training programs for Taekwondo fundamentals, Poomsae, and competitions.
SOA106 Ethics of Sports Learning the concept of sports ethics, ethical issues, and solutions that may arise in the field of research and instruction in the field of sports science.
SOA108 Aerobic Understanding the characteristics, methods, and effects of aerobics. Students also learn various aerobics-related functions to practice their ability to use them in the social sports field.
SOA109 Soccer Students focus on improving their qualities as instructors by learning the overall status and theory of Football, and by practicing Football skills. They also learn game rules, refereeing techniques, and coaching techniques to improve as future instructors.
SOA112 Swimming2 Learning scientific theories and practical skills about swimming, and developing necessary practical skills as future swimming instructors. In doing so, students practice their ability to instruct the general public or athletes in regards to swimming styles.
SOA201 Psychology of Exercises In exercise physiology, students learn one-off reactions or chronic adaptations of the human body occurring under various exercise conditions.
SOA202 Sociology of Sports Students learn theories and practices pertaining to sporting phenomena based on investigations and analysis from a social perspective to apply what they have learned in instructing other people.
SOA203 Sports Teaching and Practice Students learn and practice theoretical knowledge and practical teaching methods to develop their capacities as future sports instructors.
SOA204 Using Copmuter Students learn to understand and use various computer programs to improve their computer-related skills.
SOA205 Sports Psychology Learning psychological factors that drive human movement, and developing their ability to apply psychological factors and principles to various sports phenomena.
SOA206 Sea Sports Learning the theoretical knowledge necessary for skin diving and skin-scuba diving, which are sporting activities enjoyed in the ocean. Leveraging their knowledge, students acquire expertise in scuba diving, which helps develop their qualities as future instructors. Students also learn various theories and specialized skills in windsurfing, such as sailing and pivoting, to improve their qualities and abilities as leaders in sports science.
SOA207 Practical Training of major sportⅠ Students train to improve their practical skills for each sports major, and learn to cultivate their ability to teach and instruct in the field.
SOA208 Career Exploration of Sports Science Understanding their career path and future employment opportunities in the field of sports science, and start exploring different careers to help select a major (track).
SOA209 Sports Biomechanics Understanding and analyzing movements and functions of the human body in terms of mechanical anatomy to help them better explain the principles of mechanical body movements.
SOA210 Functional Anatomy Focusing on functional aspects by comprehensively learning the location of bones, joints, muscles, and nerves. Students also learn about the contraction reaction that occurs between the origin point and the endpoint of the muscle in the area that moves as well as movements along different joint surfaces.
SOA211 Practice of Training Method Learning how to define between different physical strength factors and practicing training methods that can help them improve each physical strength factor, thereby equipping themselves with improved qualities as future instructors.
SOA213 Measurement and Evaluation for Physical Fitness Learning the concept of physical fitness and exercise fitness and the ability to understand and evaluate various physical fitness methods.
SOA214 Sports Marketing Learning about activities that promote the creation, distribution, promotion, advertisement of sports, customer service and management, and satisfactory exchange through pricing in a dynamic environment. Students also learn marketing theories and strategies through sports that constitute organizational activities.
SOA215 Practical Training of major sportⅡ Students train to improve their practical skills for each sports major, and learn to cultivate their ability to teach and instruct in the field.
SOA216 Ski Learning various theories and practical skills in winter sports, and developing their skills as instructors. In particular, students receive education in safety for international sports and winter sports. This helps them learn about activities that can improve conditioning that may suffer during winter.
SOA217 New Sports New sports classes are divided into outdoor or indoor sessions. Students practice a variety of new sports individually, in small groups, or in large groups, and learn how to instruct people depending on the venue or crowd size. In doing so, students can build their capacities in social sports.
SOA218 Volley Ball Through Volleyball games, students develop their aptitude and basic skills for Volleyball, and learn how to manage and use special skills in Volleyball games. Students also improve their leadership qualities in the field by learning practical coaching techniques and refereeing techniques.
SOA301 Exercise for senior Learning the concept of aging and learning about exercise programs for senior citizens.
SOA302 Mountain-Climbing & Camping Students learn the theory and practical skills required in mountaineering in a systematic way (e.g. how to use equipment, how to climb, how to use a compass, how to cope with safety accidents), and focus on understanding safety rules required during camping activities.
SOA303 Recreation guidance and Practice Studying the theory of leisure and recreation activities, and recognizing the importance of recreation in modern life. Students also take part in various recreation programs, and develop their skills as future instructors.
SOA304 Golf Teaching Understanding the overall range of knowledge required in teaching golf. In doing so, students learn instruction and training skills aimed at teaching correct body shapes and movements as professional golf instructors.
SOA305 Study for Lifeguard Learning the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required in rescuing people in the water.
SOA306 Exercise Injury and Rehabilitation Studying about motor damage that may occur in sports, and learning how to treat people when they suffer a motor injury.
SOA307 Practical Training of major sprotⅢ Students train to improve their practical skills for each sports major, and learn to cultivate their ability to teach and instruct in the field.
SOA308 Exercise Instruction Practice for Senior Practicing scientific exercise methods for each physical fitness factor that senior citizens should have.
SOA309 Exercise Prescription By understanding the characteristics of gymnastics, acquiring basic skills, and acquiring accurate movements and tips, students can develop their instruction skills to contribute to various physical and sports activities.
SOA310 Obesity Prevention and Exercise Practice Students acquire theoretical knowledge about the causes and solutions of obesity, and practice exercise methods to improve upon obesity-related issues.
SOA311 Golf Swing Mechanism Learning the swing mechanism and principles of golf swings, and acquiring knowledge in scientific swing analysis using the latest golf swing analysis programs.
SOA312 Exercise Testing Prior to starting regular exercise, the safety of exercise should be diagnosed by measuring the physiological response of the heart and blood vessels during exercise. Students learn and practice the test techniques for diagnosing cardiovascular diseases (including ischemic heart disease, which does not appear well during rest). In addition, by evaluating the cardiopulmonary endurance of each individual through a cardiopulmonary function test, students learn the most accurate exercise prescription.
SOA313 Seminar for Employment of Sport Science Understanding the sports industry in general, and cultivating creative sports-related ideas for potential start-ups.
SOA314 Sport Nutrition Studying theories on nutrition needed for the human body, and the importance of nutrition for improving physical activity as well as athletic ability.
SOA315 Practical Training of major sport Ⅳ Students train to improve their practical skills for each sports major, and learn to cultivate their ability to teach and instruct in the field.
SOA316 Teaching of Physical education for young children & Practice Based on their understanding of children’s characteristics, students focus on learning play education through sports, which can help people learn while enjoying games or activities. Based on relevant theories, students learn how to develop and teach programs while actually teaching games for practical applications in the field.
SOA317 Field Practice of Sport Industry1 Developing practical work skills for future employment through field training programs in the sports industry.
SOA318 Field Practice of Sport Industry2 Developing practical work skills for future employment through field training programs in the sports industry.
SOA401 Seminar for Teaching Sports Science Understanding the scientific application of sports instruction, and learning scientific methods behind sports instruction aimed at improving athletic performance.
SOA402 Method of Golf Fitting Based on the understanding of theories behind the production of golf clubs (head, shaft, grip) in accordance with the latest scientific developments golf club fitting techniques, ball flight correction, and repair techniques. Students learn and practice how to produce and fit golf clubs using advanced equipment.
SOA403 Research Method for Sport Science Learning theoretical methods of sports science research, and sharing/developing various ideas for research.
SOA404 Seminars for Exercise Science Understanding the concept of exercise science, and health management methods based on exercise science.
SOA405 Design for Sports Program Learning the ability to comprehend and organize various programs through sports.
SOA406 Internship of Exercise Teaching for Health Learning theoretical knowledge for health management, and developing theoretical and practical skills for instructing sports/exercise activities.
SOA407 Internship of Golf Industry Students are encouraged to cultivate professional knowledge and practical skills related to their careers with opportunities to instruct people in the field at a place of each student’s own choosing or at a golf industry-related place of business.
SOA408 Theory of Lifelong Sports Practice Learning and researching the theoretical concepts of lifelong sports, and methods for their practice in the field.
SOA409 Field Practice of Sport Industry3 Developing practical work skills for future employment through field training programs in the sports industry.
SOA410 Field Practice of Sport Industry4 Developing practical work skills for future employment through field training programs in the sports industry.