Developing leaders in sports with both a comprehensive understanding of scientific theory and practical skills in sports

Department of Sports Science


Welcome to Dongguk University Gyeongju Campus Sports Science Department.
This is Professor Kim Seok-gyu, the head of the department of sports science at Dongguk University.

Sports is an important cultural field in today’s world, and its value is well-recognized among people in all facets of our society. “Sports Science” is a field in which various sports phenomena are studied in relation to fields such as humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. The academic field of sports, which was concentrated in the field of physical education in the past, is evolving as a comprehensive branch of applied science with a much broader perspective known as “sports science.” Sports science’s importance is more emphasized on global exercise campaigns designed to promote better health and better use of leisure time.

To keep pace with these changes in the times, the Department of Sports Science at Dongguk University offers well-organized and specialized curriculums to develop experts in the field of sports, and strives to produce world-class leaders through its holistic education.
Moving forward, it promises to devote itself to becoming a department that instills students with humanism and good character, and a department that nurtures professionals who are first and foremost great people.
Dean, Department of Sports Science, College of Humanities