Developing leaders in sports with both a comprehensive understanding of scientific theory and practical skills in sports

Department of Sports Science


The Department of Sports Science at Dongguk University is actively participating in overseas exchange student programs and various international exchange activities to develop global leaders in sports with some of the best professors in each major. Over the past 25 years, Dongguk University has produced Korea’s leading athletes, leaders, and sports scientists, and through close collaboration with the local community, the University continues to play its role as a leading academic institution in the region. In addition, with its master’s program (available at the Graduate School of Social Science), the University is contributing to the development of sports in Korea by producing sports experts in various fields nationwide.

Definition of a True Sports Science Expert at the Department of Sports Science

  • 01Sports leaders: Sports instructors with strong character who strive for the development of a healthy and safe sports culture by acquiring advanced skills and scientific research results in sports.
  • 02Health and exercise experts: Professionals with national-level qualifications or licenses capable of working in various fields by acquiring scientific knowledge and teaching methods about health and exercising.
  • 03Golf experts: Professionals in the golfing industry required in today’s era where golf is establishing itself as a popular pastime for the public by learning theoretical and practical skills in golf.